Stealth System FAQs

What is the Stealth System?

This is a fully automated camera control system that was designed by a filmmaker for filmmakers to help them improve their creativity and productivity and to help them compete with the Hollywood machine. The system has several components: a 3-axis gyroscopically stabilized camera head with ultra-precise custom direct drive motors, a smart dolly kit that clamps to just about any camera dolly to motorize it, a column that provides vertical camera movement, FIZ control, hand wheels and pan bar controls, and a controller that provides scale and dampening for all eight axes. In addition, the system allows the operator to record and repeat human motion from all eight axes with frame-accurate results. It’s simple to build and replay complex camera movements. You can also operate the system fully manual, or record some axes and operate others live. And it’s stealth quiet!  

How accurate or repeatable is the system?

The system delivers frame-accurate repeatability over thousands of iterations. The specially designed, innovative, patent-pending motors and control system ensure accuracy and consistency.  

How easy is the Stealth System to use?

This is an intuitive system that relies on remote controls familiar to most experienced camera operators. A tablet computer is used to record and play back human motion. Complex movements can be easily constructed by recording individual motion elements, and building layers of motion one step at a time, much like a multi-track audio recording. For example, an operator could first record the dolly movement, then add the vertical movement, then add pan, tilt, roll, zoom, focus, and iris. Each axis can be independently recorded, changed, and played back. You can also operate the system with a combination of recorded and live moves. Complex movements can be created in just a few minutes. It doesn’t require you to hire a technician – it’s simple enough for the owner-operator.  

What does it take to set up and tear down the system?

This is a highly modular system that can quickly be set up by a single operator, in a wide range of configurations. 

What creative capabilities does the system offer?

Rather than having to use a wide-angle lens because of geared motors, this system allows you to use long lenses and get great depth of field shots. You can do super slow motion and 8-axis time lapse shots. The system facilitates VR and Green screen work. You can do complex, compound moves in a tight space like a hallway – it will fit where a jib won’t but provide great camera movement. Overall, it enables the look of Hollywood at a price that the rest of us can more readily afford. 

How does the system improve productivity?

Much of the filmmaking process is highly repetitive and requires the dolly grip and other camera crew to hit their marks. The system’s automation enables reduction in crew size, and more importantly ensures consistency across multiple takes of the same shot. This could easily pull hours out of a single shot. The Master Connect Unit organizes all the video, audio, and power cabling into a single unit that can run off two motorcycle batteries – simplified cabling and no noisy generator. It’s like having video village in a box. 

When will the Stealth System be available?

We are in the process of securing investors. We anticipate the system will be available for purchase in early 2018.   

Where will it be available for sale or rent? Where can I find a qualified operator?

The system will be available for sale directly from Motion Warriors. We will establish a broader set of sales and rental channels in 2018. 

We've made the system intuitive so hiring a certified technician will not be required. You can learn to record moves in minutes; Motion Warriors will also offer advanced training (videos, in-person) for anyone who wants to improve their skills.

How much will the system cost?

We will establish the price closer to availability. We anticipate the system will cost less than half the price of comparable systems now on the market. 

How can I learn more?

Give us a call or shoot us an email! We'd love to tell you more about the Stealth System and how you can become a Motion Warrior.