Customize Your Stealth System

The Stealth System is extremely modular, allowing you to select exactly what you need to fit your creative needs. With so many configurations, the possibilities are endless. What can we help you create?



Gyrostabilized Camera Head

Not only does it feature direct drive motors and higher motor resolution for ultra-precise camera movements, this head is lighter and more configurable than the $400,000 competitors. No more having to use wide angle lenses to hide gear backlash - so go on, use the long lens. 

Track and Lift

Servo-operated horizontal and vertical camera movement that is recordable with the controller and software and operated with hand wheels. Sets up in under an hour with just two grips. Oh, and did we mention you can use it on virtually any dolly? 

Master Connect Unit

Base unit that consolidates video, audio, and power cabling. With 24V DC power, it can run on two off-the-shelf motorcycle batteries for remote shoots. It's video village in a box. 


Provides camera and lens damping and scaling, and interfaces with the intuitive multi-track recording software – real-time, on-the-fly changes. No cumbersome menus to drill down through to make time-consuming adjustments. It's so user-friendly, it just might be your new best friend. 

Pan Bar Controls

Can be mounted on virtually any fluid head with a patent-pending universal adapter – turns all Sachtler fluid heads and many other standard fluid heads into an encoder-equipped system. Who says only the big boys can afford the big toys? 

Hand Wheels

Wait, did you say hand wheels? With high resolution digital quadrature optical encoders, drag control for adjusting wheel damping, and switch for clockwise/counter-clockwise direction, these aren't your grandmother's hand wheels. 

Multi-Track Recording Software

Optional motion control in a simple interface on a tablet. Record and play back human motion. 8-axis time lapse. Stop-motion animation. No time-consuming key-frame programming. Who wouldn't want motion control?

FIZ Control

Fully integrated focus, iris, and zoom control that is recordable and repeatable and can be used with industry standard 7-pin lens motors. So get your happy dance on.